Advance Good

Advance Good In The World.

At ADVANCE our #1 mission is to ADVANCE your company.


At the same time, we also love to ADVANCE good in our community and around the world.


When you decide to protect your business advantage with us you are also protecting the lives of the vulnerable at home and abroad.


At ADVANCE we believe life is an adventure when we take steps of faith and risk on behalf of others. So we give 90% of the profits from our clients to people who need it. We live each day trusting that we will continue to have all we need and more as we give generously to others.

Some of the causes your partnerships with us
have supported include:

  • ‣ School supplies for kids
  • ‣ Schooling for girls in Afghanistan
  • ‣ Disaster relief in the US and overseas
  • ‣ Support to refugees
  • ‣ Food pantry to relieve hunger
  • ‣ Support to victims of human trafficking
  • ‣ Christian education

  • ‣ Healthcare for struggling families in Nigeria
  • ‣ Food, clothing and education for children in Kenya
  • ‣ Bible translation for unreached people groups
  • ‣ The local Christian Church
  • ‣ US Military personnel and their families
  • ‣ Mentoring for children facing adversity
  • ‣ Support to single moms

Generosity is a Journey You Can Join!

Visit these sites for more inspiration: